visuals – FÅGELLE

The sound artist Klara Andersson a.k.a. Fågelle is visually supported at some concerts by the video artist Beate Kunath a.k.a. [bi: kei].

In the music of Fågelle, layers of noise and fragile sound constructions meet pop melodies. With her thoughtful combination of pedals, synthesizers and samplers, she delves into sounds and textures with which she plays and experiments until an irresistible, poetic song emerges from it. Fågelle sees herself in a field between sound art and pop, which opens up amazing creative leeway for her and creates puzzles because she doesn’t attribute to any particular scene. The Swedish lyrics of their songs are about our time in a micro and macro perspective, about experiences of power and powerlessness. Her music has been described as a “soft slap in the face.”

(Heroines Of Sound)

Beate Kunath a.k.a. [bi: kei] is a filmmaker and video artist with a focus on the documentary. Her previous work includes short feature and documentary films, music clips, video installations and photo series.
She creates pulsating, noisy visuals, often inspired by natural movements of every daily life. Consisting of sequences, these are a mixture of analog and digital material and act as an interlocking texture with live recorded material.


“The performance of Fågelle was also considered a successful contemporary reflection on the work of Mary Ellen Bute through the visuals of Beate Kunath (known from the documentary RAW CHICKS.BERLIN). The powerful voice of the passionate Swedish Klara Andersson reminded us vaguely of Björk, but her music – electronics, field recordings of dead maggots and guitar – sounded more like that of a bluesy singer-song. Someone has to give her a record contract soon!”
(Gonzo Circus über das Konzert bei Heroines Of Sound)
link: www.gonzocircus.com/heroinesofsound2018


recorded concert FÅGELLE + [bi:kei]

Atalante, Göteborg / Sweden
link: https://vimeo.com/297480980


concerts FÅGELLE + [bi:kei]

12/2018 Heroines of Sound Festival, Berlin / Germany
10/2018 Atalante, Göteborg / Sweden
11/2017 Atomino, Chemnitz / Germany
10/2017 Performing Sound Festival, Salzburg / Austria
09/2017 Madame Claude, Berlin / Germany
05/2017 RAW CHICKS Edition, Ausland, Berlin / Germany