visuals – KSEN.

The sound artist Ksenija Ladić a.k.a. KSEN. is visually supported at some concerts by the video artist Beate Kunath a.k.a. [bi:kei].


In her art, Ksen. explores the relation between sound, space and body, as well as the reciprocity between frequencies and vibrations and their strong hold upon the self. Her interests extend to voice and speech as media of vibration, together with their influence on personal health. She uses a minimalistic approach in her music, often combining textures presented from recordings of her surroundings, creating sound design by using analog and digital sound sources, and by playing with her voice, room reverberation and silence.

website KSEN.
link www.ksenijaladic.com


Beate Kunath a.k.a. [bi: kei] is a filmmaker and video artist with a focus on the documentary. Her previous work includes short feature and documentary films, music clips, video installations and photo series.
She creates pulsating, noisy visuals, often inspired by natural movements of every daily life. Consisting of sequences, these are a mixture of analog and digital material and act as an interlocking texture with live recorded material.

website [bi:kei]
link www.b-k-productions.de


concerts KSEN. + [bi:kei]

11/2018 Heroines of Sound Edition, ACUD, Berlin / Germany
10/2017 RAW CHICKS Edition, Ausland, Berlin / Germany