#02 Der Nachbar

(#02 the neighbor)
Germany 2008, 3:49min, 35mm (shot on 16mm), black-and-white

short description

A young woman meets her new neighbor in an unusual way.
 The idea for this short film was based on a true story.

#02 The neighbor is the second episode of a series of short films that deal with unusual interpersonal encounters.
The short film # 01 Hygienist was created in 2006 as the first episode.

comment by the co-director Marlen Pelny

A good friend told me the story on which this movie is based.
After experiencing this story, she was afraid of her neighbor and of staying in this house, and above all, living next to him. When I told her that I had passed on the story, which should lead to the result of a film adaptation, she was pleased. And I realized that not only was she realizing that it was a weird story she was experiencing, but that she also had the chance to see her neighbor with different eyes.
Meanwhile, we did not take the story one-to-one, but rewrote it as we wanted to achieve exactly that effect of working with two equal characters. We have taken on the role of this neighbor to understand why he acted that way. 
Our goal is not to be afraid of him, but to understand his action.
We have similarly expanded the role of the young woman. She is about to renovate her apartment, to have a comfortable living environment and to feel at home. She takes the neighbor as he is, but she also shows her personal limits, when they are reached.
IBasically, this is about a story that, in a similar way, has been experienced by each of us before and has been filmed in the same way. This provides the opportunity to give the viewer the feeling that they are being shown on the screen, whatever their role is.



woman Ariane Ott
man Tilo Krügel
visitor Beate Kunath



directors Beate Kunath and Marlen Pelny
idea Ulrike Übermuth
storyboard Beate Kunath and Marlen Pelny
camera Beate Kunath
camera assistant / light Thomas Beckmann
sound Jan Soldat
props / still photographer Yvonne Zückmantel
sound mixing Lutz Zoglauer
music Marlen Pelny
musik production Elias Struck / Tonfabrik
head of production Beate Kunath


the film has been funded by

Sächsische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (SLM) 



[bi:kei] productions / Beate Kunath in co-operation with Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt
© 2008



02/2010 purchase by The Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company
08/2010 purchase by mdr – Fernsehen



04/2013 TV- Ausstrahlung mdr – Fernsehen
02/2012 TV- Ausstrahlung mdr – Fernsehen
08/2010 Sächsische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (SLM) / Leipzig
 Veranstaltung Filme, Fördern, Fernsehen
07/2010 3. Kurzfilmwanderung Erfurt
05/2009 Zelluloid – Schauspielhaus Chemnitz
04/2009 Nacht der Premieren – Clubkino Siegmar in Chemnitz
04/2009 PREMIERE 21. Internationales Kurzfilmfest Dresden