Germany 2006, 3:25min (shot on super 8)

short description

A woman goes to see the dentist, the dental hygienist and finds himself in a situation that she did not expect.
The idea for this short film was based on a true story.

#01 hygienist is the first episode of a series of short films that deal with unusual interpersonal encounters. #02 the neighbor (2008) is the second episode.


patient 01 Celina Carroll
hygienist Suzy Richter

patient 02 Beate Kunath


director, camera, editing, sound Beate Kunath

based on a story by Celina Carroll


Ina unt Ina

thanks to

Hilde Richter, Francesco Gagliardi, Suanne Mc Gregor, Frank Nimser

shot in

Toronto / Canada

supported by

Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt
Liaison of independent filmmakers of Toronto (LIfT)
The creation of the film was made possible by a scholarship from the Kulturamt der Stadt Chemnitz.


[bi:kei] productions / Beate Kunath
© 2006


2011 Spielräume – Kurzfilme von Beate Kunath Moviemento Kino / Berlin // Germany
2010 Sonntags-Club / Berlin // Germany
2010 Gerede e.V. / Dresden // Germany
 Veranstaltung Tonstreifen (Film – Beate Kunath, Musik – Marlen Pelny) Frauenzentrum Lila Villa / Chemnitz // Germany
Zelluloid – Schauspielhaus Chemnitz // Germany
2008 Warsaw – Lesbian & Gay Film Festival // Poland
 female short cuts – Programmkino Black Box / Düsseldorf // Germany
2007 Gay Film Nights / Cluj-Napoc // Rumania
2007 Clubkino Siegmar Chemnitz // Germany
2007 19th Lesbian and Gay Film Festival / New York // USA
2007 PREMIERE 22dt Torino Gay and Lesbian Film Festival // Italy